Organizing Tricks for Your Apartment Home

Lerner Springfield Square is full of beauty and gives easy access to major downtown attractions. We have located Lerner Springfield Square apartment homes in an area that is ultimately convenient for you. But, we still want to be sure your new home is a breeze for you too. If you are just moving in or simply trying to get organized, we have some great tips for managing any clutter around your home.

Jewelry Hangers

Do you have jewelry piling up that you’re just not sure what to do with? Sure, you could use a jewelry box but why not keep it interesting? You can use a coat rack or buy an actual jewelry hanger that will double as a wall decoration.Etsy even has customizable jewelry hangers to give a more personalized feel.

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Electronic Wire Labels

We are all guilty of letting electronic wires around the house tangle up. Sooner then later, many homeowners can barely tell which wire goes to which device. Thankfully, there are solutions for this – cable clips, ties, or labels. It feels good to get all your wires organized and you can do so with helpful items such as these we found at the Container Store.

Clear Storage Organizers

Sold at a number of different stores, clear storage organizers can be used for a multitude of things. The best way to use them is for your makeup. Homeowners can simply put the organizer inside your bathroom drawer and load in all of the makeup products around your home for the perfect set up. You can use them for any loose toiletries or other bathroom products as well. Finally, you will no longer dread having to clean your bathroom.


Desktop Organizers

Don’t be afraid to go desk organizer crazy! Working from home or paying bills is so much easier when your desk is organized. Pencil cups, file organizers, and an all-in-one desk organizer are some of the essentials. This will allow you to achieve some free space on your desktop and clear your mind. You can always use the wire cable organizers for your computer too.

Magnetic Spice Racks>

Spice racks can take up a lot of room on the counter or in the cabinet. Save yourself some space in the kitchen with magnetic spice racks that go right on your refrigerator. Even better, you won’t have to search through each individual spice to find the one you’re looking for. On the side of the refrigerator, you can easily see them all.

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Stackable Containers

These are a lifesaver for all the boxes of food products that overflow our kitchen cabinets. Get rid of the box for products like flour, sugar, or cereal and opt for stackable containers instead. Then you can label each for their specific uses. Stackable containers are even a great way to organize your refrigerator. They sell pullout baskets that can stack to keep all your fruits and vegetables organized too.

The list of organizing techniques for your apartment home is seemingly endless. You just have to know the right places to shop! Consider every aspect of your apartment and there is sure to be some type of organizer for it. Shoe organizers, clothes hangers, belts, glasses, or anything else you have all have an easier way to be stored. Add these helpful storage techniques to the abundant closet space, fully equipped kitchens, and huge floor plans in Lerner Springfield Square for an unbeatable combination.

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