7 Ways to Beat the Heat in Springfield, Virginia


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How to Stay Cool During a Hot Day

Has it ever been so hot that opening the freezer door and standing in front of it just wouldn’t cut it? How about taking a cold shower and five minutes later you are right back where you started? Jokes aside, you are not completely doomed in the scorching heat. With these ideas, you will be able to beat the heat in Springfield, Virginia and have fun while doing it.


#1 – Go for a Swim

The fastest way to cool down, and probably the most fun for some, is jumping into some type of body of water. Luckily, at Lerner Springfield Square in Springfield, VA, we have an Olympic sized swimming pool with an active sports court. With its crystal clear water and satisfying size, there’s no better way to escape the heat. If you’re feeling daring enough to step out of the pool and venture into the heat, our apartment complex also offers acres of green open space to throw a Frisbee around or any other fun activities you could think of. A friendly surrounding neighborhood and fun pool activities also add to the enjoyable experience.


#2 – Start Shopping

If getting wet wasn’t on your list of staying cool, going shopping is a worthy alternative. Springfield, Virginia offers a wide variety of stores such as Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, or even the Landmark Mall. Inside the mall, there also many different types of stores and restaurants, all while staying cool inside their refreshing air conditioning. The mall also offers a few different massage therapy business and even a nail salon if you were interested in taking a short relaxation break.


#3 – Catch a Mid-Day Movie

If you’re more indoors oriented, seeing a movie during the day is a good way to escape the heat while simultaneously avoiding the sunlight. An extremely hot day is the perfect time to catch up on some recently released movies that you planned on seeing but never got around to. There are many comforting movie theatres of which you can choose from that are in the area.


#4 – Hit the Driving Range

Want to do something athletic but you don’t want to get too overheated while doing it? Going to the driving range and hitting some golf balls may be a good idea. With pristine golfing equipment coupled with a pleasant awning, getting in a few swings has never been nicer. The Springfield area also offers a few, different nearby golf courses, so you have a wide variety to choose from.


#5 – Stop by for a Frozen Treat

Ice cream and other frozen snacks are the perfect escape from the sizzling, sweltering heat. Getting an iced coffee, grabbing a snow cone, or even a smoothie can cool you down significantly while also being delicious. You can easily exercise your taste buds and fulfill your sweet tooth without having to travel far. And during your drive there, crank up that air conditioning.


#6 – Read a Book

The feeling and smell of an air conditioned library is something we have all experienced at one point or another. The initial gust of cold air that hits you as you take your first steps through the door is like no other. By browsing the library or bringing your own reading material, you can get your reading done whether it be for work or leisure while dodging the blazing sun. A library also offers a quiet, calming environment, which can aide in your cooling-down process.


#7 – Go for a Walk

What do you do if it’s too hot and stuffy to stay inside, but yet you don’t feel like spending much money? Going for a walk in shaded areas such as one of the gorgeous parks or the town center is a moneyless, easy way to cool off. With the light breeze flowing through your hair as you do some sightseeing, the heat will dissipate in no time.


Apartment Homes in Springfield, VA

Now that you have these fresh, new ideas in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble staying out of the heat. Knowing these suggestions, hopefully you won’t have to stand in front of your open freezer to keep cold. If you’re interested in all of these fun activities, and are in need of a new apartment or have an interest in possibly living in Springfield, VA, apply online or schedule a tour at Lerner Springfield Square for one of our convenient, comfortable apartment homes.


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