6 Reasons an Apartment is Right for You

Living in an apartment definitely has its perks. An apartment within Lerner’s Springfield Square’s community means plenty of room, fully equipped kitchens, abundant closet space, and much more – just take a look at our floor plans! Unsure if an apartment is the best option to suit your needs? Keep reading for six reasons an apartment is the right choice for you.


Benefits of Renting an Apartment over Buying a House


1. Low Cost

Apartments are much more cost effective than a house, especially if you live by yourself. Heating and cooling a smaller area saves money on gas and electric bills, and rent is much cheaper than the mortgage on a house. Not only will your gas and heating bill in an apartment be cheaper throughout the year, the heat retained from neighboring apartments will decrease your winter electricity bill substantially as well. If your apartment building is new, it will be much more energy-efficient, saving you even more money.


2. Minimum Maintenance

While you are responsible for taking care of the apartment you rent, you are not liable for maintaining the roof, changing faucets, or any maintenance repairs that your space needs. Dealing with an issue in your apartment is as simple as filling out an online maintenance request. Another bonus that comes with renting a place is that you do not have to pull weeds, mow the lawn, or do seasonal chores like raking leaves and shoveling snow. Everything will be taken care of for you!


3. Flexibility

Paying rent on you apartment is a more affordable option comparing to paying a monthly mortgage rate plus other expenses associated with owning a home. In addition, living in an apartment is a great option for young adults who are still trying to build their careers, as most leases are yearly and do not require long-term commitment. Once your lease is up, you are free to relocate and roam as you please, which is ideal if your dream job comes along in another state or if you are looking to move closer to family.


4. Various Amenities

Apartment complexes are equipped with tons of features for their residents. Look for an apartment complex that offers numerous luxury amenities such as a fitness center, Olympic-sized swimming pool, sports court, and acres of open space. Having such features within or around your building is extremely convenient, and saves you money on gym memberships, laundromat fees, or party venues. Most complexes, like Lerner Springfield Square, even come with outdoor picnic and barbecue areas for entertaining, so you will also have a multitude of options for entertaining your guests!


5. Safety

Most apartment buildings have several security layers – a main door, a hall door, and then the door of your apartment. It is more difficult for potential thieves to get access to your home in an apartment, especially if your apartment has a secure front entry system. Another security advantage is the proximity to others; having a close-knit community that recognizes you and your guests helps keep track of people as they come and go, making it much harder for thieves and unfamiliar faces to go unnoticed.


6. Fast Friends

Living on a floor or in building with others presents the opportunity to easily make friends with your neighbors. This is especially great if you are new to the area. You share common spaces like the pool, gym, community centers, and entertainment spaces, so you are almost guaranteed to interact with other apartment dwellers in the community. Developing relationships with those around you will make the transition into an apartment easier, and being part of a community will make living in an apartment more worthwhile.


Apartments in Springfield, Virginia

Apartment living comes with plenty of benefits, and the reasons listed above are only a few examples of why renting is the better option for you. If you are looking for an apartment in the D.C. area, Lerner Springfield Square is only a short train ride away from Washington, D.C., and offers many conveniences that will have you feeling like you are living in a five star resort. Learn more about our floorplans and what’s nearby by giving us a call (703) 337-0975 or applying online today!

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