8 Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


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Smaller spaces might feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially when that space is your bedroom. The bright side is that no matter how restricted a room may be, a little innovation and creativity can go a long way in making your apartment feel spacious. Keep reading for 8 hacks to easily make your bedroom feel and look bigger.

8 Tips to Make Your Small Space Seem Bigger

1. Rearrange Furniture

While you might love your current set up, it is in your best interest to study your floor plan. Knowing how much space you have (or don’t have) will allow you to play around with furniture arrangements and relocate pieces to explore different designs and visual patterns. Interior design is all about visual tricks, so something as simple as moving furniture away from walls or angling your bed in a way you never thought to can make the biggest difference in creating space.

2. Invest in Space Savers

Is your bedroom cluttered and overcrowded due to lack of storage? Buy furniture that contains hidden storage. Whether you add a trunk, window seat, or ottomans with compartments for storage, the opportunities are endless. You can also look for furniture pieces that serve a dual purpose like a coffee table that doubles as a pullout desk. Not only do such items make for more room and less untidiness, but also they’re bound to be really interesting to look at.

3. Pick Accents and Statement Pieces

Rather than a plethora of trinkets and tchotchkes, find a few large items that reflect who you are and tie your bedroom together. Tons of small items can make an area seem busy, but a couple handpicked decorations will be more pleasing to look at and can act as conversation starters. If you prefer, pick one large item to act as a focal point (wall painting, ornate bed frame, etc.) and set up the rest of the room around that one statement piece.

4. Stick to a Theme

Too many colors, patterns, and textures can make a room feel congested. Instead, stick to a one or two-color theme with different shades of the same color to create unity and dimension. Your room will feel much more spacious, inviting and organized, and the different shades will create layers and depth.

5. Use Light Colors

Even if you prefer darker and cooler colors, try to limit yourself to pastels and earth tones. Dark colors make a room seem small, closed off and unappealing, while light and bright linens, furniture items, and bedding allow for more natural light to come through, making a room feel more open. Also stray away from using too many patterns or bold and loud prints to keep from overwhelming you or your guests.

6. Add Mirrors

As stated earlier, designing the layout of a room comes down to visual tips and tricks. Regardless of how tiny your bedroom may be, some strategically placed mirrors can make it seem double – if not triple – its actual size. Mirrors reflect light to make the room brighter, and also add depth or height if angled correctly. For the best results, use a mirror that goes from floor to ceiling, or one that covers a good chunk of a wall.

7. Explore Furniture Options

Before you replace all your bulky furniture, reflect on what kind of furniture works best for your room and your style. A day bed or futon might be more beneficial for your space than a full-size bed, or you may want to ditch your clunky bed frame and headboard for a more casual “mattress on the ground” set up. Other alternatives include buying chairs, tables, and desks that are acrylic or glass, because they create the optical illusion of open space even if they take the same amount of room as wooden furniture.

8. Do Your Research

If you need to replace all your furniture, make sure you talk to neighbors, friends, and family about shopping options and cheaper alternatives. You moved into an apartment to save some money, and the last thing you want is to have to break the bank for increased convenience. Also look into what kind of furniture you need to invest in for your lifestyle.

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Using the 8 tricks above will ensure that your pad will feel like a palace. Apartments might be smaller than houses, but there is still so much you can do to open up a room and make your bedroom feel like the master suite you’ve always wanted. If you are in the market for a new apartment in Virginia, apply online to join the Lerner Springfield Square community today!


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